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Premium Ceramic Coating for Cars in Kolkata - Lansdowne Automobile

Looking for the ultimate protection for your car's paint? Look no further than Lansdowne Automobile, Kolkata's premier multi-brand car workshop. We offer the best ceramic coating services in India, using only top-of-the-line, imported materials from Germany.

Our ceramic coating is a revolutionary liquid that transforms into a tough, glass-like shield upon curing. This protective layer offers exceptional durability, superior scratch resistance, and long-lasting shine.

Ceramic Coating Treatment for Cars

Lansdowne Automobile, a Premier multi brand car workshop in Kolkata, India, brings you the best of ceramic coating in India, with imported ceramic coating materials from Germany.


What is Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are initially a liquid when applied and transform into a tough, glass-like surface upon curing. This transformation results in an exceptionally durable and highly scratch-resistant surface, ensuring long-lasting protection.

We provide 3 types of coating:

Option 1: Coating with 1 year warranty

Option 2: Coating with 2 year Warranty and

Option 3: Ceramic Coating with 3 years Warranty

* Please note that option 3 for ceramic coating is generally recommended for premium cars like Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar only, owing to their superior quality that goes with the paint and the expenses.

We use quartz-silane-based coating, and not the cheap market alternative of silica based coating. The quartz-silane-based application requires special training, and also requires more time to settle in.

What are the differences between different options, and why are there changes in warranty period.

The cost of coating depends on the number of layers of the coatings made, assuming a fixed application area. More layers work at hardening of the coating to different degrees, along with bringing a special, rich shine to the car body.

Mercedes Car

Why Us

We use the best quality of raw materials available in the industry.

The coating is done by trained professionals, which makes a difference in the end shine.

We are hugely experienced dealing with premium ceramic coating, applying to over 250 premium cars in the last 2 years alone.

We enjoy a happy bae of happy and loyal repeat customers.

When should you do the ceramic coating of your car

It is best if you can get the coating done right after you have got delivery of your car from the showroom. The earlier the car gets ceramic treated, the better the finish is. In case there has been sometime your car has been used after taking delivery, and it has got minor scratches, or dents, or the paint has got a bit oxidized, we will be happy to inspect your car at our facility, and provide you an estimate of getting the car in pristine condition again, before we can apply the ceramic coating.

Why do a Ceramic Coating – Advantages

Advantages of Ceramic Coating in India:

A. Shielding Against Scratches and Abrasions

Ceramic coatings provide effective protection against scratches and abrasions, offering particular advantages in India, where the roads can be rough and uneven. By acting as a protective barrier between a car's paintwork and the elements, ceramic coatings ensure the preservation of a scratch-free appearance.

B. Effortless Maintenance

Ceramic coatings possess hydrophobic properties, meaning they repel water. This feature makes them exceptionally easy to clean, as dirt and grime effortlessly slide off the surface. In India, where dust and pollution are prevalent, ceramic coatings prove to be an excellent choice to maintain surfaces in a clean and shiny state with minimal effort.

C. Solar Radiation Defense

Ceramic coatings provide outstanding UV protection, which is especially beneficial in a country like India, where the sun's intensity can be harsh. Harmful UV rays can lead to surface damage, including fading and discoloration. Ceramic coatings act as a shield against such damage, ensuring that surfaces remain vibrant and resist degradation for an extended period.

D. Heat Resilience

Ceramic coatings exhibit exceptional heat resistance, a crucial attribute in India, where temperatures can soar during the summer. This characteristic is particularly vital for vehicles, where the engine generates significant heat. Ceramic coatings safeguard a car's paintwork and other surfaces from the detrimental effects of heat.

E. Longevity

Ceramic coatings are highly durable and long-lasting, with the capability to endure for years. This longevity makes them a cost-effective solution for surface protection, especially valuable in India, where harsh weather conditions can take a toll on surfaces over time.

F. Resistance to Chemicals

Ceramic coatings demonstrate remarkable resistance to chemicals, making them a superb choice for safeguarding surfaces in industrial and commercial environments. In India, where various industries rely on chemical processes, ceramic coatings prove to be an excellent means of ensuring surface protection.

G. Augmented Aesthetics

Ceramic coatings can enhance the appearance of surfaces, giving them a more vibrant and glossy look. This enhancement is particularly advantageous for vehicles in India, where many individuals take immense pride in the appearance of their cars. Ceramic coatings can provide vehicles with a showroom-quality finish, causing them to stand out on the road.

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