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  • Welcome To Lansdowne Automobile


    "We try to give the best car repair service"
  • Welcome To Lansdowne Automobile



    "We try to give the best car repair service"
  • Welcome To Lansdowne Automobile



    "We try to give the best car repair service"

about us

Lansdowne Automobile
car repair service

Lansdowne Automobile is a premier car workshop of Kolkata. We use the latest technology tools to undertake body works, not commonly found in most of the garages.

  • Body Denting and patch
    repairing work
  • Painting work in paint booth
  • All electric work
  • Engine Scanning
  • Nitrogen filling in tyres
  • A/c Servicing
  • All Mechanical work
  • All lock channel work
  • Car Detailing

car maintenance

Lansdowne Automobile is a solution to the updates of status of the large number of cars, that are being serviced at any particular point of time, keeping track of all service records of any particular car, customer relationship management, automatic renewal notices for insurance, tax etc, and providing assistance to buying and selling of new and used cars.

Car Sanitization from Covid 19 Virus in Kolkata

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Body Repair, Tinkering and Painting, Normal Patch Work, Dent Work and Accidental Repair

We use the latest technology tools to undertake body works, not commonly found in most of the garages. We have good tools and equipments that includes SPOT denter , MG welding to name a few among the other equipments/tools and expert hands under expert supervision handling these.

SPOT denter V/s Conventional body repair

Usage of SPOT denter can avoid breakage of frames, company seals etc where the accessibility to tinker is limited hence and also saving you from body part replacements.

MIG welding (Co2 welding/electric)

MIG will only heat up the contact areas unlike normal welding; CO2 will cool and prevent mixture with moisture. This can also avoid corrosion and better finishing. Some painters also tend to use more putty and fillers like me tal paste etc to fill these areas and paint on them which will have less life and finishing. Also causes cracks in the paint and discolourisation. Its no wonder that our paint job comes with a warrenty period.

Computerised Error Checking of Cars:

We have the latest, authorized software by which we can log into the electronic system of your car, read the error codes and fix the errors. This helps the computer system of your car to run smoothly and give you the best performance.

Car Insurance:

We give you the best assistance for car insurance from a host of Insurance service providors.

Cash Less Car Repair with Insurance claim:

We have tie ups with all major Insurance companies by which we can offer cashless car repair using your claim. Terms and Conditions apply.

Insurance and Finance

We provide assistance to get your car insured in cashless car insurance from Insurance service providers, resulting in total peace of mind. We also take care to give you multiple reminders, and cheque collection service, so that you never miss your yearly premium payments.

Think of anything related to your car, and we are there to help. With about 2 decades in business, we know the best of service providers, be it in car papers, insurance, buying and selling of cars, car breakdown and towing service and more. Just ask us, and we are happy to send you the service provider’s contact.

And of course, for any service, body paint or repair of your car, we are always there!

Please visit our office at Lansdowne Road, diagonally opposite Sishu Mangal hospital, and get used to a trouble free car ownership experience. We look forward to your visit.

We use the Latest Technology Tools to undertake Body Works

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